Jonathan Blow: Well, they’re not very social. A game like World of Warcraft or Counter-Strike or whatever is way more social. Because you actually meet new people in clans or guilds. You go do activities together and help each other out, right?

[With certain social games] it’s about the game exploiting your friends list that you already made, so it’s not really about meeting people. And it’s not really about doing things with them because you’re never playing at the same time. It’s about using your friends as resources to progress in the game, which is the opposite of actual sociality or friendship. Maybe not exactly, but it’s not the same thing, right? They’re really just called social games because they run on social networks but they’re way less [social] – like sitting down and playing a board game with friends at a party is a way more social game. That’s an intensely social experience, right? So, like whatever. I hate that name.

PC Gamer: Do you still think social games are “evil” then?

Jonathan Blow: Yes. Absolutely. There’s no other word for it except evil. Of course you can debate anything, but the general definition of evil in the real world, where there isn’t like the villain in the mountain fortress, is selfishness to the detriment of others or to the detriment of the world. And that’s exactly what [most of these games are].

I’m still looking for ways to recreate the entire Dash Express experience, but this gets my iPhone one step closer. Now, if only it could send Navigon formatted links…

I often find myself using the trackpad on my laptop instead of the mouse just because I’m use to the gestures.  I may actually be interested in this.

Time to start my donut garden.

Time to start my donut garden.


If you’re looking for iPhone 4 wallpapers, you can get your fix here.

Crashes Weren’t Squeeze After All

Last week I issued a caution about Squeeze possibly causing kernel panics.  Well, it turns out that Squeeze wasn’t the root cause, but it probably just made my problem more evident.  If you want to give Squeeze a shot, go for it!  Don’t let my experience scare you off.

The problem was that one of my 4GB SODIMMs was bad, and that was what was causing all the kernel panics.  I had previously tried testing my RAM with TechTool Pro, but it didn’t find any issues.  A friend of mine suggested that I tried Memtest OS X.  Low and behold, it found issues left and right!  I tried removing and swapping sticks and narrowed it down to one specific stick.  The RMA is in and while I’m temporarily down to 5GB of RAM (long story) instead of 8GB, I can at least run stably now.

Concerns with Squeeze (and a fix)

EDIT: I found that Squeeze wasn’t the root cause of my problems.  If you want to try Squeeze, I think you can do it safely.  However, I’ll leave the instructions below for how to “uninstall” Squeeze.

So after Saturday’s install of Squeeze, I’ve had some issues with my Mac.  Here are the issues I’ve observed so far:

  • Random hard OS X crashes
  • CrashPlan engine crashing
  • Spotlight indexing never completes

Of course, I can’t say that Squeeze caused all of these issues, but I think that it’s not worth the risk to save 600MB on a 500GB hard drive.  If anything, I’m going to say that Spotlight issues were the root cause of the CrashPlan issues, and I have no idea about the OS X crashes.  However, I was able to fix it pretty quickly.  After removing the directories from the Squeeze interface, just run this command from terminal for each directory you “squeezed”:

mac:~ myhome$ afscexpand Dropbox/

The command will complete after a minute or so (depending on size), and you’ll be left with your files in the original uncompressed state.

So That’s Where they Go…


lol RT @paultakahashi: Lame. … RT @tdkyo: Somebody just has purchased
I saved over 600MB in a matter of minutes with Squeeze.  Make sure to grab your copy soon before they’re all gone!

I saved over 600MB in a matter of minutes with Squeeze.  Make sure to grab your copy soon before they’re all gone!

Perhaps the only hospital you’d ever need.  Why go anywhere else?  What’s the worst that could happen?

Perhaps the only hospital you’d ever need.  Why go anywhere else?  What’s the worst that could happen?